What Is The Performance Report?

The “Performance” report is nothing but a Google Search Console report which shows you the overall search performance of your websites in Google. This report shows you how many clicks you get, but also lets you know your CTR and average ranking

position on Google. 

The main purpose of the annual performance report is to promote communication and to provide useful feedback about the job. So that it helps to facilitate in better working relationships, to provide a historical record of performance, and to contribute to professional development.

The best performance report will give detailed information about the goals that were fixed and describes the employee’s health, achievements, weaknesses, and possibilities.

Performance Report

The new Performance Report replaces the “Search Analytics” report in the old Search Console and also in the old Google Webmaster Tools.

What Is The Performance Report?

Yaa it is true that much data is the same as the old “Search Analytics” report. However, now you are able to do so many cool stuff with the data you get such as a filter to only show AMP results.

But the most popular and famous addition to the new version is this:

In the old Search Analytics report, you could only see search data from the last

90 days.

Performance Report

We get 16 MONTHS of data: 0

Google Search Console

How to compare your CTR on Desktop And Mobile

Click the compare tab on the popup, select the option “desktop vs Mobile, and then hit on apply…

The new Performance report will easily allow you to compare mobile and desktop CTR.

Here’s How:

Light up the Performance report and then you will need to hit ‘New+’ to add a new filter and then select the ‘Devices ” option.

How to compare your CTR on Desktop And Mobile

The first step is to Click the compare tab on the popup, select the option “desktop vs Mobile, and then hit on apply…

desktop vs Mobile

Then you will get a list of queries, which contain the separate stats for mobile and desktop as well 

separate stats for mobile and desktop

Then you will get the “Mobile Usability” report which will tell you if mobile users have trouble in using your site or not. so that you can make changes to your website and can make a user-friendly website.

a user-friendly website
“Mobile Usability

As shown in the above image you can see the top 1,000 pages on your site sorted by the number of Internal links to those pages. 

If you are having a small number of pages on your site then you can reverse the sort order by clicking on the Links header as well. 

The pages that show as zero internal links have been orphaned and should either be linked to from somewhere on your site or redirected to an appropriate page if they are old legacy pages. 

Also, in this section identities of the domains that link to you the most, along with your most linked-to content. 

While you most likely won’t see every link that Google’s found for your site, you will see more than if you went to google.com and

performed a search for “link: yoursite.com.”