What is Schema.org Structured Data?

Schema.org is the consequence of coordinated effort between Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! to assist you with giving the data their web crawlers need to comprehend your substance and give the most ideal query items right now. Adding Schema markup to your HTML improves the manner in which your page shows in SERPs by upgrading the rich scraps that are shown underneath the page title.

Top Benefits of Schema Markup

Help web crawlers comprehend your website’s substance better.

Improve brand presence with a full Knowledge Graph.

Get eye catching rich outcomes to expand CTR.

Become qualified for SERP highlights to get all the more land in the SERPs.

Improve your positioning position (?)

Addition a CTA directly in the Google Search Results.

The difference between Schema, microdata, and structured data

Organized information is an arrangement of matching a name with a worth that helps web crawlers classify and record your substance. Microdata is one type of organized information that works with HTML5. Schema.org is a venture that gives a specific arrangement of settled upon definitions for microdata labels.

What Is Schema Used For?

Businesses and organizations







Search engines that use Schema

Mapping is perceived (and in reality the jargon is kept up) by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex. It’s muddled whether other web crawlers are utilizing this markup to change how they show list items.

You can check your Structured data at – “Structured Data Testing Tool”

You can follow the following steps

Step1 : Search on Google “Structured data Testing Tool” and click on the link.

Following Image Show the Structured data

Step2 : Enter your Website URL and click on “Run Test” Button

Enter your Website URL and click on “Run Test” Button

Step3 : Following Image Show the Structured data

Enter your Website URL and click on “Run Test” Button