What is Article Submission?

What is Article Submission?

Definition: Article Submission refers to an off-page SEO technology in which an article is written and posted on a website of the third party. This is a method for writing items related to your business and submitting them to the popular submission directories of the paper. You can therefore build a backlink for dofollow or nofollow. The main objective is to attract a large number of visitors with minimal time and money to your website.

Article Submission is one of the most popular and efficient off-page SEO strategies that, if done correctly, can function as a booster gun. There are two types of websites that allow the publication of articles, one that offers CMS platforms immediately after registration, and a second type where the author, administrator and editor are required to submit requests.

Advantages of Article Submission :

Here are 5 advantages of submitting articles to the article directories and how your online business can improve.

  1. Free Advertising: 

Some directories of articles require you to include links to your blog in the article you submitted. You can indirectly advertise your products and add a back-link to your goods or services if you write articles relevant to your product or service content. It results in your promotions having a free advertising press.

  1. Boost your personal and business credibility: 

Most directories of the article enable you to have an author bio box at the bottom of each article you submit. To create a brand image for yourself, you can use your author bio box to promote your business or personal product. Do not forget to advertise your blog in the author’s box by including a link back to your web page for more information about the related articles that you submitted.

  1. Get traffic to your website: 

You also created a gateway for readers to click on the links to get to your website with the links that you are authorized to include in your articles and your author bio box. These links will bring readers to your website when created in an interesting way, especially when your articles are selected by website owners to post on their own website and submitted throughout the internet.

4: Viral Marketing: 

This automatically creates a viral effect for your article content if your article is enough good and selected by website owners to publish it in their blogs. Through backlinks to your websites and your personal ads in your author’s bio box, your article can then be republished digitally online.

  1. Generate sales and leads without having a website:

You also gain from the effort in product marketing even when you don’t have a website because you can use both the article manuals and site owners who publish your article on their websites as your site. You can include the contact information, such as the office address, contact number or e-mail address rather than links to your website to allow potential customers to contact you, as your articles are provided with the bio box as mentioned above.

The only purpose of the submission of articles is to attract mass users to your site at no cost at all. Therefore you must directly link and be relevant to your business in the articles you intend to submit.