Penguin Algorithm

Penguin Algorithm

Penguin Algorithm

It’s all associated to “Quality links” to your websites (Real time algorithm).

Quality Links :

  • High authority website Link
  • Relevant link building

Avoid :
• Paid link building
• Spam link building
• Irrelevant link building

Who Should Worry about Penguin?

Most web sites do not want to worry about Penguin unless they have accomplished some sketchy link building within the beyond or have hired an search engine optimization who might have engaged in those tactics. Even if the website owner changed into not aware of what an SE0 changed into doing, the proprietor is still in the long run answerable for those links. That is why site owners need to always studies an SE0 or SE0 agency earlier than hiring.

If you have got finished link building within the beyond while tactics have been accepted, but that are now towards Google’s webmaster guidelines, you could be impacted via Penguin. For example, guest blogging was great years ago, but is not a brilliant manner to build links now until you are deciding on your websites well. Likewise, asking site visitors or contributors to submit badges that linked for your site was also nice previously, but will now honestly bring about Penguin or a hyperlink guide action.