Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm

Panda Algorithm

It’s everything related with “quality content” in your site.

Quality Content:
  • Your content should be unique.
  • User friendly/ user engaging.
  • No Keyword Stuffing
  • Keyword density have to be 2-3 % only.

Google Panda takes the first-rate of a site’s content under consideration when ranking sites within the search results. For websites that have lower best content material, they would possibly discover themselves negatively impacted by means of Panda. As a result, this causes better first-rate content material to surface better inside the seek results, meaning better great content material are frequently rewarded with better rankings, at the same time as low-best content drops.

When Panda at the beginning launched, many saw it as a manner for Google to goal content material farms specifically, which have been becoming a major problem inside the search outcomes with their extremely low-first-class content that tended to rank due to sheer volume. These sites had been publishing a first-rate quantity of low-satisfactory content material very quickly on topics with very little information or research, and it turned into very obvious to a searcher who landed on one of those pages.

Google has now advanced Panda to be a part of the core algorithm. Previously, we had a recognized Panda update date, making it less difficult to identify when a website become hit or had recovered from Panda. Now it is a part of a gradual rolling update, lasting months per cycle. As a result, it is hard to know whether or not a site is negatively impacted with the aid of Panda or not, other than doing a content audit and identifying elements that websites hit by Panda have a tendency to have.

Do not cast off your user-generated content, whether it’s far forums, blog comments or article contributions, definitely because you heard it is “bad” or marketed as a “Panda proof” solution. Look at it from a fine perspective instead. There are many extraordinarily ranking web sites with user-generated content, which include Stack Overflow, and lots of web sites could lose huge site visitors and rankings truly because they removed that type of content. Even comments made on a blog post can purpose it to rank and even get a featured snippet.

Technical SEO 

Technical seo also does no longer play any role in Panda. Panda looks just on the content, no longer things like whether or not you are the use of H1 tags or how quick your page loads for users. That said, technical SEO can be a totally important part of SEO and ranking in general, so it should now not be ignored. But it does no longer have any direct effect on Panda specifically.

Determining Quality

If you are struggling to decide whether a specific piece of content material is considered best or not, there is one surefire manner to confirm. Look in Search Analytics or your site’s analytics program along with Google Analytics and take a look at the person page. If Google is ranking a page and sending it traffic, then actually it’s miles viewing it as excellent sufficient to expose high sufficient in the search outcomes that humans are landing there from the ones Google’s search consequences.

Panda Prevention

How to prevent Google Panda from negatively impacting your site is quite simple. Create top notch, specific content material that solutions the query searchers are asking. Reading content out loud is a awesome way to inform if content material is high-quality or not. When content is examine aloud, unexpectedly things like over utilization of repetitive keywords, grammatical errors, and other indicators that the content is less than nice will stand out. Read it out yourself and edit as you go, or ask a person else to read it so you can flag what need to be changed.