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What is Ping Submission?

ping submission sites help you to list your site or blog on well-known web crawlers like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They are a substitute answer for significant web indexes like google, yahoo, bing, duckduckgo.

They can be extremely helpful for the individuals who have issues getting the site or their posts indexed in google.

Ping submission will help you in indexing your site or web pages, post or backlinks to web crawlers, indexes. You can submit your URL (that you wish to list) on ping submissions sites effectively.

With a single click you to get your blogs, magazines, websites, and backlinks listed by utilizing ping web sites.

Ping Submission is a quick and simple technique to get your web blogs, websites and backlinks tracked by search engines, news sites, website directories, aggregators, channel sites and many others.

Advantages of Ping Submission Sites :

  • Quick indexing of your URLs and backlinks.
  •  Increase more visibility in Search Engines.
  •  You will get great traffic to your site.
  •  Increment more organic traffic to your site.

How to Post your URL in Ping submission ?

  1. Choice the High Authority ping submission website which is listed below.
  2. Open the site, fill the form like title, Blog URL and select the category that you want to submit it like a business, News, Education, Entertainment or more category.

  3. Click on the submit button to finish your ping submission.

Note:- Not registration is required for this

Below I am demonstrating to you a model with, the form is looking like

Step 1 how to pung

High DA Ping Submission Website List 2019

SR NO Top 20+ Ping Submission Sites PA DA
1 62 53
2 55 44
3 48 29
4 48 28
5 40 56
6 57 38
7 62 53
8 57 45
9 50 29
10 53 39
11 50 35
46 29
13 18 17
14 49 33
15 62 91
16 47 30