How to use meta tag generator

Digital Marketing

What a valuable sharing on social media and ranking in Google is for your site determines how significantly you should focus on your meta-tags.

In most digital marketing, teams often create compelling copy and striking images, which conveniently lends or sells itself perfectly to being a part of the metadata of your web page. Double the value, half the work!

And “meta tag generator” tools make it easier for you to generate meta tags.

So, follow below guide and learn how to use meta tag generator tool.

  1. Go to Meta Tag Generator.
  1. Enter your webpage’s information derails.

Now here Enter your webpage info like Title, Description and URL.

Tip: Fill all the field.

  1. Click on “Generate” button.
  1. Copy the generated code.
  2. Scroll down you see the output box.

Copy all this code.